Abstract and report

In 2005 Clothing Like A T-shirt Saying I Wish was released in the little town of Ylöjärvi in Finland. This report describes this sixty kilobyte intro, and will explain the context, the design choices and inspirations behind it, as well as its making.


Additionally, you will find here some references to works, papers and concepts that inspired it.

Inspiration, other works

  • { by the czech group Downtown, released in 2001. http://downtown.dee.cz/

  • Guwange, E.S.P. Galuda, Dodonpachi, Dangun Feveron are among the many acclaimed vertical shoot-em ups (STG) that the japanese studio Cave has released throughout the years. They innovated in the “Manic” shooter genre, characterized by screen-filling bullet patters, and an emphasis on dodging by navigating through these moving mazes. (Another emphasis exists, on scoring mechanisms)

  • The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido by Ando Hiroshige, Ukyo-e elegance of the vertical form more
  • Point and Line to Plane by Wassily Kandinsky more

  • MAX/MSP, a product sold by cycling74, first conceived at IRCAM by Miller Puckette for musical applications.

    product page
  • Pure Data, an opensource MAX/MSP like language with a rather active community. Created by Miller Puckette.

    IEM page for PD author's page
  • VVVV by the german company meso, a video synthesis package inspired by MAX. official page

Materials used during the making of this intro

  • Quadtree 2d partitioning wikipedia entry [english]
  • Verlet integration wikipedia entry [english]
  • Visual Simulation of Ice Crystal Growth by Theodore  Kim and Ming C. Lim paper [1.4Mb PDF]

  • Bandlimited synthesis of sawtooth (Emanuel Landeholm, March 2002) from music-dsp archive
  • Alias-Free Digital Synthesis of Classic Analog Waveforms by Tim Stilson and Julius Smith paper [322kb PDF]
  • The CSound Book edited by R. Boulanger, 2000 The MIT Press. (ISBN 0-262-55261-6) page at MIT Press
  • Sean Costello cites Designing Multi-Channel Reverberators, by John Stautner and Miller Puckette in Computer Music Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 1982, P.52-65.


  • Mixin-Based Programming in C++ by Yannis  Smaragdakis and Don Batory more
  • A Solution to the Constructor-Problem of Mixin-Based Programming in C++ by Ulrich W. Eisenecker, Frank Blinn, and Krzysztof Czarnecki more
  • 20to4 a packer by Marcus Winter (Muhmac / Freestyle) http://20to4.net/
  • Reduce EXE and DLL Size with LIBCTINY.LIB by Matt Pietrek for MSDN (2000) msdn article
  • FPU intrinsics by Dierk Ohlerich. (Chaos / Farbrausch)http://xyzw.de/c190.html
  • Pascal / Cubic math header. http://www.cubic.org/docs/tiny.htm
  • MT19937 Mersenne-Twister random number generator implemented by Shawn Cokus, derivative work of Takuji Nishimura and Makoto  Matsumoto.

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